Sunday, January 08, 2006

Country Craft and Flea Market.....

(The Thayer County Museum in Belvidere, Nebraska)

There's lots to do in Belvidere, especially in the Fall. On October 1st of every year since 1950, the Thayer County Museum has been the home of the Belvidere Country Craft and Flea Market. Literally tens of booths will be there selling hand made items and antiques, as well as a number of various attractions such as apple bobbing, cow weight guessing, horse weight guessing, and more.

Lil Jim Barton and the Belvidere Playboys will be there as usual. You won't want to miss their refreshing fusion of bluegrass and rock and roll. And you heard it here first folks, Big Jim Barton is out of jail and back on washboard for the band. Who will win the dance competition this year? You'll have to be there to find out.

(Pictured corn dog stand not actually in Belvidere,Nebraska)

Something that the good folks of Belvidere and surrounding communities like Carleton and Strang pride themselves on is great food. And you will find no better example of the kind of cuisine that southeastern Nebraska is famous for than at the Country Craft and Flea Market. Don't be suprised if you see a familar face returning to tempt us with their delectable vittles. That's right, Randy Watson is back with a brand new style of preparing hot dogs. Corned! What will they think of next. Will Myrna Miller's fantastic peach cobbler win an unprecedented 54th consecutinve town bake-off. Not if Maynard Wilks has anything to say about it.

Don't miss a minute of the excitement. And while you are here be sure to walk around the beautiful town of Belvidere. You might not want to leave.

Spooner Jenkins
Mayor of Belvidere


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