Monday, January 16, 2006

A New Town Slogan For Belvidere!.....

(The Rose Farm Bed and Breakfast)

In an attempt to bring the town of Belvidere into the 21st century, beautiful and romantic Rose Farm Bed and Breakfast is sponsoring a contest to pick a new town slogan. There have already been a number of entries but there has yet to be a winner declared. Entries are to be mailed to or dropped off at the Rose Farm Bed and Breakfast before the end of the month. Strom Rose, his lovely wife Bernetta, and their 6 beautiful children Strom Rose Jr., Bernetta Lynn Rose, Bernetta Sue Rose, Bernetta Jean Rose-Jenkins(my beautiful grand daughter-in-law) , Strom Rose III, Bernetta Strom Rose, and of course Lucky the 5-legged cow will serve as judges for the contest. Here are just a few of the entries they have received so far:

1.) "Home of the world famous Jesus Tortilla!"
2.) "Home of the $3 Dollar Meatloaf!"
3.) "Six miles from Carleton, Nebraska!"
4.) "Jesus's Backyard!"
5.) "We don't take too kindly to people who don't take too kindly 'round here!"
6.) "Absolutely no hidden underground nuclear missile silos!"
7.) "A UFO abduction every week or your meatloaf is free!"
8.) "Come for the peace and quiet, stay for the 5-legged cow!"
9.) "Home of the world's largest largest ball of industrial grade dental floss!"
10.) "Where almost nobody has scurvy!"

(Belvidere's giant floss ball. That's me in front!)

So get your entries in soon and help make Belvidere the town it was meant to be! We'll announce the winner in February.

Spooner Jenkins


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