Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Clarification.....

After my last post on dressing for success, I received a number of complaints. Most of these were due to some confusion over one particular comment:

"Fat babies are not only appreciated, they are encouraged. What does this have to do with fashion? A fat baby is a wonderful accessory for any family because they are healthy and serve as a potential source of sustenance during our harsh Nebraska winters."

Now I can understand how some people misunderstood the point I was trying to make. I wasn't saying that you should literally wear an overweight young child like some kind of scarf or hatpin. That would be ridiculous and quite difficult. What I meant was that a fat baby is a wonderful blessing just like a strong Christian community or a 5-legged cow. Also when a hard freeze limits the town's ability to obtain food you can eat your baby.

In a gesture of good will, and apology, I have sent to all the families in Belvidere with young children a hand-crafted antique child's sitting chair. I think it will make a fine addition to any house as it is as handsome as it is sturdy.

(A brand new children's chair courtesy of the Mayor's Office!)

Spooner Jenkins


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