Thursday, June 22, 2006

Belvidere to the Rescue.....

I have always seen this blog as a means to bring others to Belvidere. But the hardships of a young struggling couple in Alabama that were recently brought to my attention has shown me that perhaps it is time to take a little Belvidere to others. And by a little Belvidere I mean the caring and compassion that I think the folks of this town are capable of.

It's hard amongst all the poverty, starvation, war, famine, widespread disease, Darwinism, abortion, and sex for purposes other than producing a child, to feel that any one person or, in this case, family has it the worst. But when you look at the need in this young couple's eyes, and the obvious hardships they must be going through, I think that it is clear that these two people have it worse than anyone else in the entire world.

You can read all about the tragedies that have befallen them at their website, indebtlawyer. So please good women and men of Belvidere, find it in your hearts to dig deep and help these people out. They have nowhere else to turn but the good people of the intranet, and now us.

Spooner Jenkins


Blogger LBBP said...

Apparently they've had a change of heart (or paid off all their loans), because the site is gone. I did see a Google cache of it at " all about us", wierd.

7:17 AM  
Blogger Spooner Jenkins said...

I hope that they got everything they deserved.

7:09 PM  

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