Thursday, April 06, 2006

I've Been Tagged.....

Other than for checking on the weather or for finding the quickest route to Ronda's for some meatloaf, I don't have much use for the internet. I do however try to find the time to check out what Clark Bartram has to say over at Unintelligent Design. I may not understand anything the man says, nor do I agree with his views on religion, alternative medicine, or pediatrics, but sweet tarnation he makes me think and I appreciate that. So when he tagged me to participate in this here chain post I was more than happy to take part.

Where was I one year ago?

One year ago I had just purchased my new computer, an ultra sleek Commodore 128, and was beginning to learn the basics. I'll never forget when my first email. It was to Slint Davidson, the Mayor of nearby Slang, Nebraska at the time. He was unable to respond to me because though he does have an email account, he has thus far refused the actual purchase and use of a computer. I guess not every Mayor can be as progressive as yours truly. His stodginess likely had something to do with his eventual ousting. The idea of a blog about this amazing town hadn't even been born yet but that doesn't mean I wasn't interested in getting the word out that Belvidere was a great place to live. I had spent thousands of dollars on advertisements in local papers around the region saying as much.

(My Commodore 128 computer system.)

Where was I five years ago?

Five years ago I was working had as the Mayor of Belvidere. They blizzard of 2001 had left much destruction in its path and the city was rebuilding. I still blame that storm for ruining my plans for the Belvidere Monorail System. We were turned down as a host for the 2002 Winter Olympics, a slight by the selection committee which I will likely never forget. Our NBC affiliate, located in nearby Gilead, Nebraska, doesn't air the Olympics but even if they did we wouldn't watch it.

(Vancouver can have the Olympics. We don't want them in Belvidere anyway!)

Where was I ten years ago?

Things were very different in Belvidere ten years ago. Ronda's meatloaf cost $2. Irregular sheep roamed the streets without shame. Shady Acres was correcting wayward teens by the dozens and turkey Death Brigades made life miserable for those living in the Southwest Quadrant. It was the year Reverend Watkins was mauled to death by a turkey in fact. I was much younger then in both body and spirit but I am much wiser now having learned from many hard lessons.

Thanks for the opportunity to share a little about myself.

Spooner Jenkins


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