Saturday, March 11, 2006

Belvidere Named to Top American Cities List.....

(Could the next Starbucks be on the corner of 7th and A Street? That's right. In Belvidere!)

I don't work as hard as I do as the Mayor of Belvidere for the glory. Mayoring one of America's best cities is rewarding for the simple fact that I happen to love this place and the people that live here. It is nice to see the fruits of my labors every now and then however. Well the juicy and ripened fruit is ready to pick and be enjoyed by all because just this week Belvidere has been named a Top American City by the Top American City Organization For Real Excellence in American Cities(TACOFREAC).

Belvidere will finally be receiving the recognition it deserves as it will be listed in the annual Where's Where Among American Cities book alongside other deserving cities such as Waterproof, Lousiana and Bucksnort, Tennessee. So how did Belvidere come to be included in this respected and hard earned listing of the best places to live in America?

Well first Belvidere had to be an outstanding top American city to be noticed by the selection committee at the Top American City Corporation. A representative of TACOFREAC came to Belvidere to give a presentation where he discussed the benefits of being named a top American city. According to the TACOFREAC representative, these benefits include but are not limited to, the name of our city being included in the Where's Where Among American Cities. This will surely lead to a Belviderean Renaissance as the best and the brightest minds will want to relocate to our town. New businesses will soon be popping up to fill the needs of the town's expanding numbers and minds. Belvidere might soon have a Starbucks on every corner just like in other top American cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Wilmington, Vermont.

But having our name etched in history alongside such established metropoli as New York and Wilmington is just the beginning. The town will also be eligible, for a nominal fee of only $5,000, to be named not just one of America's top cities but the top city amongst all top American cities. Just imagine the benefits. The bigwigs at Nissan would be fools to not set up their international headquarters in Belvidere. And for the bargain fee of only $10,000 Belvidere will have the opportunity to go head to head with such historically top cities as Paris, Prague, and Wagga Wagga, Australia. I think Belvidere is ready!

A plaque will also be awarded to place in the Mayor's Office.

Spooner Jenkins


Blogger Miranda said...

What is this site??? I am from Hebron, NE, and came upon this site.... it's actually pretty funny, but why Belvidere???

10:46 PM  
Blogger Spooner Jenkins said...

Why not Belvidere??? Now I understand that being from nearby Hebron you have some animosity towards our fantastic town. But if you have read my website that you should know the Belvidere is an up and coming town poised to sit alongside other modern and popular cities. We have a lot to offer and even as we speak we are courting a multi-national company, ever heard of Nissan, to set up their headquarters here. I've lived in Belvidere my whole life and have come to love it with all of my heart, baboon though it may be.

4:09 PM  

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