Sunday, March 05, 2006

Belvidere Loves Corn!.....

(Belvidere corn is good for cooking and making stuff!)

Everybody loves corn, especially in Belvidere where almost .003% of the nations corn crop is grown. But just about everybody has their own unique way of preparing these delicious golden God nuggets. If you asked me, I like it the old fashioned way. That's on the cob with plenty of butter for those of you who are new to town. Some of the younger fellows like more modern preperations such as corn chowder, creamed corn, or corn fritters. Still others prefer more traditional recipes like corn pudding or a delicious plate of steamed corn. Hmmmmm, steamed corn. Goes great with brisket and cheese curd.

One thing even long time Belvidere residents might not realize is that, in addition to the countless recipes featuring corn, this wondercrop is used to make a variety of products found in the average American home. In fact, you might even be wearing Belvidere corn right now. Probably not, but maybe! Here is just a sample of the myriad of products made from Belvidere corn:

1. Corn hair is used for wigs, toupes, and false eyelashes.
2. Corn husks can be woven into warm but suprisingly uncomfortable blankets.
3. Leftover corn cobs are often used as insulation for homes despite the fact that they are quite flammable when dry.
4. Corn can be fermented into a harsh liquid perfect for sipping on cold Nebraska nights or for running your generator and/or tractor.
5. When planted, corn seeds grows into plants which yield additional corn.
6. Do you like modern electronic equipment? Me too but corn plays no role in its production.
7. And more!

So the next time you are enjoying a cold corn salad on Sunday afternoon, remember that there is more to corn than just eating.

Spooner Jenkins


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