Monday, July 10, 2006

The Lumpkins Are Coming....

(The talented and beautiful Lumpkin twins.)

Fresh on the heels of the announcement that the Discovery Channel is coming to Belvidere to shoot a documentary on our Horizontal Cow Phenomenon, I've only just received word that the Lumpkin twins are coming back to put on another fantastic performance. These two fine young women grew up here in Belvidere but left to make it in showbusiness. You may remember their powerful rendition of "Possum Fever Done Killed My Pappy" which left narry a dry eye in the house at last Summer's Belvidere Music and Music Related Fun Festival of Fun when they opened for Lil Jim Barton and the Belvidere Playboys. Well this time they have the whole night to themselves and have promised to play all of their biggest hits. In fact, here is the playlist I just received:

1. "Possum Fever Done Killed My Pappy"
2. "Ain't Nothing Cuter Than a Fat Country Baby Eatin' Peaches of a Hard Wood Floor"
3. "The Whittler's Seranade"
4. "Was it the Moonshine or Your Love That Made Me Blind"
5. "Good Intentions Won't Pull Out This Tick"
6. "There's Pellet in this Duck But the Hole's in My Heart"
7. "Imagine"

And that's just the beginning but you'll have to wait to find out what other songs they'll break out for the big show. Hopefully some of their new stuff.

And now for some bad news. I've got a bone to pick with one Mr. Shank Wilburn, owner and operator of the Belvidere Manuer Museum and Deli. We entered into a business agreement over meatloaf at Grandma's, not something to be taken lightly but probably should be taken with some alka seltzer. And now I've come to find out from an anonymous source that he's been galavanting around the intranet behind my back trying to boot me out of the company we'd been working on putting together. I'd go int more detail but I'm so mad right now I might say something I'd regret.

Spooner Jenkins


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