Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Big Business for Belvidere?

(An artists rendition of Nissan's plans for a new global headquarters.)

Is Belvidere ready to play host to the headquarters of a multi-national corporation such as Nissan? I think we are and I've sent a letter to the President of the company telling him so. Belvidere may be a small town but I am convinced that it is ready for bigger and better things. We have so much to offer and I think that Belvidere would be a perfect place for Nissan. Here's the letter I sent. Hopefully we will hear back soon.

Dear President of Nissan,

My name is Spooner Jenkins and I am the mayor of the wonderful town of Belvidere, Nebraska. Belvidere is a bustling community of just under 100 people but you would never know it. Just take a stroll down scenic A Street, home of Grandma's convenience store, and enjoy the peace and tranquility. You would never know that you were strolling through a town with over 15 streets and two seperate railroad tracks. Despite this, Belviderians pride themselves on their simple country attitutudes and good old fashioned hospitality.

And every October we have our annual Country Craft and Flea Market extravaganza. I'm sure the hardworking executives of Nissan could use a little time for fun and nothing is more fun than an entire day exploring the Thayer county museum, checking out what's for sale at one of the tens of booths, and listening to Lil Jim Barton and the Belvidere Playboys. And be sure to bring your cow!

Need to wine and dine some big clients? Why not treat them to a night at the Rose Farm Bed and Breakfast? There's hiking, whittling for couples, and Yatzee tournaments every Saturday afternoon before dinner. That's right, Yahtzee! And Bernetta sure can make up a mess of vittles. Is that a 5-legged cow? It sure is. And there won't be an irregular sheep in sight guaranteed or you stay for half price.

If you build your headquarters in Belvidere, there will be ample parking for all of your employees.

Spooner Jenkins

(Ample parking available for Nissan employees in nearby Carleton, Nebraska!)

(Lil Jim Barton and the Belvidere Playboys. That's right, Big Jim is back after his stint in Nebraska State Penitentiary!)